Friday, August 29, 2008

Life in Stayton

We made it to Stayton, OR in one piece. The house we're living in for 2 months is super crowded with the owners' stuff, so there's pretty much no room for ours. The drawers are full, the closets are full, etc. So we're trying to figure out how to not live out of suitcases for 2 months. I guess the next house we're living in for 7 months is a lot bigger, so that will be nice. 
Other news: the school that I was applying for the teaching job at doesn't have enough money to hire me full time, unfortunately. So I'm still looking for a job, either in Stayton or Salem. We'll see what I can find. If you would pray for that, we would appreciate it. Andy's job is just 3/4 time until July, so he's not making enough to pay our bills. Then he'll get a raise this July and next July until he's back up to where he was at our old church. I think then we'll talk about starting a family, but until then I have to work full time as well. That will be interesting.
Jeffrey likes our house a lot, there's no fence in the back yard so we got a cable around the tree to tie him out there. It's working out okay, but a fence is always preferred. 
If any of you would like to come visit us, please give me a call, we love friends! We got new cell phone numbers too, so don't try our old ones. My new one will be on my facebook page.


Emily said...

We'll have to get together sometime being as you're not that far from me! I think it's only about 30 min., but I'm really not sure. Maybe I can talk Candice into driving this far and then we can all come down to Salem, or, you could come up and meet half way or something...we'll figure something out.

Katie said...

Hi! my site has a new name now ... Check me out there instead, and spread the word!

Love, Katie J