Sunday, June 12, 2011

The birds

Here's an update of our baby chickens! Josephine on the left and Susette on the right. They're two and a half weeks old now and getting lots of new feathers. Susette's comb is starting to grow, but I'm still thinking she's a girl because of her dark feathering. Apparently boy Barred Rocks have more white than the girls.
What are you looking at?
And the big girls. Here's Mimi. Getting all big and pretty. She's very sweet and when we let them out and I go outside, she comes over to me to say hi.
This is about the best picture I got of Fifi. She moves a lot so lots of fuzzy pictures. She's pretty sweet too. The girls are sticking together more.
Mimi's pretty back feathers.
And last but not least our poor rooster. He crowed this week. I put him on Craigs List and am hopefully trading him for two dozen fresh farm eggs sometime this week. His crows sound pretty funny and juvenile, but he's trying. He's a pretty guy, and I'm kind of sad to see him go. Also very glad I didn't have to eat him.