Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My awesome husband

I've been really sad that our TV doesn't get NBC, therefore no Olympics. I love the Olympics. So Andy decided to move the TV and the antenna around, and voila! The Olympics!! Now I don't have to be sad and I can knit (and pack) with something to watch. Although I do think that some of the events are terribly boring, I like most of them. Especially gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and some of the track and field events. YAY!


Karen said...

Hey Jill-O,

I'm on a fire and can't watch the olympics! Sad day, but I'm glad you can now thanks to Andy. What a guy. I did, however, get to see on the internet the Men's 4x100 relay swimming event and I have one word for it. AWESOME. Love you!

Emily said...

Yeah, for the Olympics! We've been totally enjoying them around here, too. Hm...I should be packing, too.