Saturday, March 28, 2009



I really need to get back to blogging. I feel as if I have a very boring life and nothing to blog about, but that simply isn't true. For instance, we finally sold our Volvo last week. I could have blogged about that.

We hadn't gotten a call on it for quite a while when, out of the blue, some lady called while we were both home at lunch on Tuesday. She and her husband wanted to look at it, they have 4 kids and needed something for her husband to drive that could fit everybody. So we met them at Safeway that evening, and when the guy and Andy took it out for a test drive, the check engine light came on *again.* When they offered us $3,500 for it, we couldn't refuse. Every time the check engine light comes on it costs about $1,000 to fix it, and we had it listed at $4,500 for about 3 months and it wasn't selling. So we figured it was time to just let the money sucker go. We talk about it with fond memories and we'll definitely miss it when we have any kind of snow, but it's nice to finally be free of it at the same time.

We also found a house to rent for when we get done house-sitting here. It's owned by the same people we're house-sitting for, and they said they'd hold it for us. We already have the keys, so we're in the process of painting the interior. It's very ugly right now, with dirty, cream colored walls in the main areas. The 2 bedrooms have baby blue paint in one and light purple paint with an ugly flower border and yellow stars around the ceiling. We definitely have to paint those. So today the plan is to work on the house for most of the day, once Andy wakes up, of course. He's had a cold all week and now I'm starting to get it. I can't help waking up at 6:00 am even on Saturdays. I hate it.

Tomorrow we're meeting my family in Roseburg to celebrate my brother and my birthdays (he's up from LA to see my Grandma who's not doing so well). I'm very excited about that.