Monday, September 29, 2008

Small Group

We joined a small group with 6 other young couples 2 weeks ago, and it has been fantastic. If you're not currently in a small group, I highly suggest you find one. It's a great way to get to know people in a similar stage of life and to share what you're learning and how you're growing. Right now at our church we're having a series on sex. That's right. So small group time is very interesting and often very funny. It's fun to have other people to talk to who are going through the same things. And it's a great way for us to make new friends since we just moved to Stayton a few weeks ago.

I had a smashing interview today, so we'll see if I get a call back. There might be way more qualified candidates than me out there, but I think the interviewer really liked me. You never can tell though. Keep praying! I found out that the Vet hired someone else before they even interviewed me. How upsetting. I'm going in for an interview with them anyway in case that other person doesn't work out or they have a position open soon or something.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Washington Mutual

Yesterday our bank failed and was bought by Chase. I am very frustrated about the fact that every time something starts to look a little bit down, people freak out and withdraw everything they have from that thing (i.e. their bank). That is the sole reason that WaMu failed: everyone withdrew their accounts and they lost tons of money. We did not withdraw our money. We did not participate in helping WaMu fail. Our money is now safe and secured by Chase (as well as the Federal Government). If your money is FDIC insured, there is no chance that you will lose it. The worst case scenario is that you may have to go without it for 24 hours or so. I feel like talking to all of the people in the United States and urging them to not freak out at the drop of a stock, because that only causes it to drop further. In the Great Depression, everyone freaked out, and that caused a gigantic snowball effect on banks. I personally do not want to live through the Great Depression II, because that would suck. So unless all banks are beginning to fail and the government is no longer going to insure our money, my money stays at the bank (now Chase).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few possibilities

I got called for an interview today! It's at a vet's office as a receptionist, which I would love. My interview is next Tuesday. There's also a possibility of me working at a little cafe here in Stayton called the Gardner House. So that would be fun too, but probably not full time and less money. So obviously my first choice is the vet's office. Hopefully one of these will work out. I'm getting tired of not working.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's official

We went to the DMV yesterday, and we are now official Oregonians again! Yesterday was nice and cloudy, so it felt more like Oregon then it has in the last few weeks. And the good news? It only cost $293 at the DMV instead of $435 like I thought. That is awesome, since we are quickly starting to run out of money, with me not working. I still have not found a job, which stinks.
On a better note, Andy and I joined a small group in our church with 4 other younger couples, and we love it. It's so nice to be around people our age. I also joined a Bible Study doing Beth Moore's Believing God series, and it's good so far. And we got library cards yesterday too, so I borrowed some healthy cook books for more yummy meal ideas. And a non-healthy French one because I like French food.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went well, but they interviewed 5 other people just yesterday, and maybe more today. So if I don't get this job, I'm sure there will be more to apply for. Just scoring an interview is a step in the right direction. Also yesterday was Andy's birthday. We had Becca and Aaron over and watched Baby Mama. Hilarious. A very funny movie. And I made Chicken Parmesan which turned out very good and a healthy blackberry pie. It wasn't quite as good as unhealthy blackberry pie, but still delicious.
I've been struggling a little bit the last two weeks and feeling a little bit depressed. I have to get a job in order for us to keep up on our bills/loans/expenses, etc. So I've been searching and searching and getting frustrated. Maybe I just need to work at Starbucks or something. But I don't think that would pay all of our bills either. Frustration!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My cousin's wedding

We went to Yakima, Washington for the weekend to attend my cousin Ryan's wedding. Andy got to be one of the photographers, and he did really well. My whole family (parents, siblings, sibling-in-law, niece and nephew) hopped into the Pullen's 15 passenger van and headed up on Friday. We stayed at a hotel and had a marvelous time. We ate lots of yummy apples. Here's a few of the pictures.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The job search

I hate looking for a job. I haven't had to do it very much at all, jobs somehow usually fall into my lap. Maybe one will now, but I don't see that happening. So I spruced up my resume and I've sent it to a few people. Tomorrow I'm going to print out a few and take it around town. I'd like to something like front desk, administration, or even retail if I have to (but fun retail). There's a cute little pet supply store down the street that I wouldn't mind working at, and a cute little cafe. So tomorrow I'll go by there to see if they need anything full-time-ish. Keep praying!
For the good news, I finished the sweater I was knitting for my niece. It's adorable, I just hope it fits her! I'll post pictures after I sew on the buttons.
Andy and I have been so busy with moving and everything that we've grown a tiny bit disconnected. So we went on a nice hike yesterday, and it was lovely. I got an idea from somewhere (I don't remember where) to write down on pieces of paper something your loved one can do to make you feel loved. So we did that and put them in a jar, we'll draw one each week to do for each other. It's very fun. This week I drew one to surprise Andy at work with a picnic lunch. He took lunch today, so instead I made peach cobbler and coffee, and I'm going to pick him up and take him to the park to enjoy it. This is fun.