Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finished bag and Jeffrey's salad

Jeffrey had a salad today. We had left over lettuce and it wasn't enough to keep for anything, so I fed it to Jeffrey. Here's what happened:
He ate it! Well, lots of it. And then the rest of it was strewn around the floor for a while. It was very cute and healthy. I also gave him an olive which he didn't like. One of the first foods I've found that he didn't like.
I finally finished my market bag today. I finished it the other day with a double handle and it looked horrible. So I undid a big part of it and redid it with a single handle which I like a lot better. Here it is with a bunch of yarn in it. Sorry about the bad quality pictures, I didn't feel like turning lights on, it's too hot.
Here it is without anything in it. It compacts rather nicely when empty.
And here it is layed out to show the pattern more. If you recognize the couch, yes, it is from Memorial Dorm before they redid the upstairs furniture. Andy grabbed them when they were hauling them out to the dumpster. They're still in great shape, but we're selling them as we will have no storage for the next 9 months and we're house sitting for some nice people in Stayton.

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Emily said...

Your bag is gorgeous! Do you have a pattern that you used for it?