Thursday, February 14, 2008

Personality Profile

I've always liked taking personality tests. So I took 2 different ones. The Jung Typology test said that I am ESTJ (The Guardian). The test is at, and is very accurate, I think. I was very pleased to find out that Andy is INTP (The Thinker), which is a near perfect match for my personality. I also took an Enneagram test, which says I'm the Skeptic (Type 6) by a lot. It's at and is also very accurate (the two go together pretty well).

I've always liked my personality in most cases, but sometimes I sure wish I was more outgoing and conversed more easily with strangers and acquaintances. I have the hardest time calling people! If only I wasn't so scared of what they would think of me or that I might mess up (or something, I don't know why I'm shy), then I would be much more confident and able to start and hang on to more relationships. I love having friends, but it's really hard for me to make friends. It's a vicious cycle.

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