Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movies and being married

I like to watch a nice girlie movie every once-in-a-while. My husband, on the other hand, could probably live without that little pleasure, he gets incredibly bored and usually falls asleep. So last night we were going to rent a movie. We all piled into the car (Jeffrey included, he loves car trips especially when he can stick his head out the window) and headed down to Blockbuster. I elected to wait in the car while Andy went in to get Ocean's 13 (we saw 11 and 12, and I thought he might like to watch 13). He was in there for a while and finally came out not carrying Ocean's 13, but Becoming Jane! He knows I absolutely love Jane Austen and as a very loving gesture he chose the movie about her life for me instead of a more fun movie for him. We went home, got under the covers and started our movie. About 1/3 of the way through it Andy fell asleep, but I enjoyed it. Husbands are the best.


Katie said...

good man. (that's what Chris said). I'm sorry he fell asleep, but that's so coo that he rented your movie!

Candice said...

Hey Jill,

That's a really funny story! Thanks for sharing. We watched that movie last week and I really enjoyed it. She had kind of a sad life, in that she didn't marry her love and then never married. ANyways, that was very sweet what Andy did.