Friday, February 8, 2008

Cable TV

We just found out that the cable company has been giving us free cable for almost a year! Apparently they (and we) knew nothing about it until a few days ago when we got a handwritten note on our front door telling us that they did an audit on their system and discovered that we had been getting free cable. We had until yesterday to tell them if we wanted to continue it (and pay for it). Of course we don't really want cable because it takes away all of our time (we can be very addicted to things). So we had cable tv for 3 sweet days during which I lounged around watching Martha Stewart and Take Home Chef (along with several other TLC shows) for hours. As you all know, everything eventually has to come to an end, so when we turned the tv on today, all we got was nice fuzzy static. Now I have time to do things like blog and make healthy dinner instead of being glued to the television. I like this better.

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Andy said...

I'm not going to miss Martha.