Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going Raw

I've been really looking into the raw food diet lately. It would definitely help my acid problem, and it's extremely healthy for you. I might not go 100% raw, right now I'm aiming for 50% of the foods I eat to be raw. Raw means that the food was never heated past 110 degrees (or up to 118 max). So obviously you can't eat meat or cooked grains or anything. It's a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, and sprouted grains/seeds. The point is that everything you're eating is still full of enzymes. Anything heated past 125 has no more enzymes, and your body needs tons of that. Also, protein breaks down, vitamins and nutrients break down a lot too past that temperature. So you're only eating LIVING foods, not dead, worthless things. That's what your body needs to survive, right?

Most people think that the raw diet would be just a bunch of salads and chewing on carrots all day. But there are tons of fun recipes and things that mimic cooked food, for example, apple pie and lasagna recipes. I'm excited to try some, and I ordered two un-cook books (hah!) to try out. Today I'm drinking my first green smoothie, made from banana, strawberry and spinach. It surprisingly tastes nothing of spinach and all of banana and strawberry. It's very good. I'll let you all know how my new diet is progressing and if I decide to go more raw sometime in the future.


Emily said...

Raw is definitely the best way to eat! How has it been going for you so far?

Candice said...

Wow, that sounds great. I would love it if you posted some of your recipes that you really like. And what are the names of the "uncoobooks" you've found:) Have you tried almond milk? I found a recipe for homemade almond milk that is really yummy. Check it out on my blog. Take care!

Candice said...

I found a website of a woman who is on a raw diet and thought you'd be interested in reading her experiences.