Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Life's been a little difficult lately. It's kind of lonely here in Yreka, there's not much to do, not many people our age to hang out with. Yesterday I was a little depressed, but my very sweet husband has been showing me how much he loves me lately, and it has helped a lot. Last night he gave me a nice long back massage, which helped my aching shoulders. How sweet is he!


Katie said...

I'm sorry ... that sounds really lame. I understand the lonely feeling, having two children, and it makes life really hard. I drink tea and read Newsweek, and blog, but somehow that doesn't always suffice for real people.

Emily said...

I'm sorry, Jill. I TOTALLY can relate. I feel like that a lot. I have 2 friends in town and they both have 3 kids and are expecting #4, so they're crazy busy. I'll be praying for you! Too bad we don't live in the same little town!