Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shopping trip

Yesterday Andy and I went clothes shopping. This doesn't happen too often, as we'd both rather spend our money on other things than clothes. When it does happen, we do it all at one time. So yesterday we bought several items (about 8 or 9) between the two of us, and it was expensive! Like $120 at Target! I would like to buy more, better clothes, but they cost so much. Stupid economy. We don't even have any good thrift stores here, they all sell old lady clothes (and very poor quality).


Emily said...

Doesn't clothes shopping stink? That's why I like to shop at my Mom's consignment store! She has great prices and I always have a credit there, so I can go and spend next to nothing for great new clothes!

Katie said...

I hate clothes shopping, especially when you don't have as much money. Chris and I get our stuff at buffalo Exchange, which I like a lot, but if we didn't have that, it would be harder to find stuff I like! I understand your pain! :)