Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old job

So I just got the news yesterday that Kidder Creek figured out that they don't have enough money for me to work there anymore. Sadly, I was let go. It's because there aren't enough campers signed up for the summer. I think there are two reasons for that:
1. The economy is down and people can't afford to send their kid to camp for $400 a week (or over $500 for Ranch Camp).
2. KC merged with Mt. Hermon camp in Santa Cruz a few years ago to expand their program. I don't think anything good has come out of it from my perspective. Prices for camp have gone up hugely since the merger. KC used to be a fantastic camp for local kids to go to and could afford, but now they're getting some kids from Santa Cruz and not thinking locally as much. On top of it, they're not really advertising outside of our area and Santa Cruz.
I love Kidder Creek and I'm sad to see them not doing so well this summer. I plan to go out there to visit every once-in-a-while for sure. So now all I have to worry about is all of the time on my hands that I will have after I get back from Mexico. Andy can probably use the help.