Sunday, June 1, 2008

My life's about to get crazy...

I start my new job at Kidder Creek tomorrow. So this is what my week looks like: Tonight is High School youth group. Tomorrow I go to KC from 9am probably until about 5 or 6pm. Same thing Tuesday. Wednesday I work at church from 9am-3pm, then Junior High youth group at 6:30pm. Thursday I'm back at KC, then my cousin's graduation in Weed in the evening. Friday I'm back in the church office, then we have a concert in the evening. Saturday morning is High School graduation then at least 4 parties to go to. Sunday is church, I'm cooking lunch for the elder board that my husband's on, then HS youth group. Like I said, crazy. Barely a minute to spare. And it won't stop even after I come back from Mexico at the end of June!!! AHHHH! I have no days off.

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