Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We got the puppy yesterday, and she's not quite as little as I thought she was! She's a whopping 70 pounds right now and a bit overweight. The people who owned her were feeding her way more than they should have, and she wasn't getting much exercise at all. Her current name is Precious (which we all don't like). My mom will probably rename her Sophie, which I think is cute. She and Jeffrey love each other and never want to stop playing. I really love dogs.


Emily said...

I've decided that I like the "idea" of dogs far more than I actually like them. They're just so much work and such a pain when we have to leave town because we have to find a place for her to go. Ugh. Oh well, I love my dog, but she is a lot of work.

Randall said...

I vote for penny over Sophie. Or Bethesda.