Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm reading the book Captivating with my HS girls, and it's been really good. I've discovered things about myself and about God that I've never thought of before. I've been challenged to let God make me beautiful from the inside out. It's so easy for me to be controlling over my life and those around me, but that isn't being vulnerable toward God or others. It's making me strive for perfection instead of finding joy and happiness in the Lord. I've always struggled with trying to be someone else, anyone else. I guess that means I have low self esteem (it's better than it used to be). But when I find joy in the Lord and let go of myself, God's not going to change me into someone else, He's going to make me more *me*. I like that.

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Carey Hall said...

I am glad that you are you... that sounds weird but you know what I'm trying to say:)
P.S. I'm excited for you guys to come for a visit.
P.P.S the cake was scrumptious!