Monday, March 24, 2008


I realized this weekend that a lot of people make Easter out to be a happy little day with eggs, bunnies, and an empty tomb. The old silly hymns like He Lives, and Christ the Lord is Risen Today have good things to say, but they're also a little trite. We had a Good Friday service that was very sacred, and I loved that we were challenged to really think about who Christ is, what He did, and how we should respond. Instead of just saying, "Yay, Christ arose!," I really thought of the implications of how that should affect my life every day.

On a totally different note, I made several raw goodies to have my family try at our very traditional Easter dinner. I made raw caramel coconut cookies (delicious!!!), raw sun-dried tomato hummus, and raw almond flax crackers. The crackers aren't all that good on their own, but with the hummus they are terrific. The hummus was absolutely incredible with a very rich taste. I don't like chickpea hummus (mostly because of the texture), but this is made with zucchini and is very tasty. My family members all tried them, and they raved about it! Especially my extremely non-raw Uncle David. He was very impressed. I also made a big huge delicious salad that I had for dinner while everyone else ate the usual turkey, beef, mashed potatoes, etc. (I had a little turkey and potatoes as well, I'm not 100% raw yet).

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Katie said...

good stuff. I love your new blog design!