Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My 61st post

Exciting milestone for blogging! J/K 
I'm just trying to recover from all of the exciting things that have happened lately. After Mexico Andy and I went to Portland. It was only supposed to be for two nights, but our car wasn't all the way fixed (it cost $1800!!!!) so we had to wait until Thursday to come home. Andy's brother got engaged while we were there, so we went to their engagement party at a bar. It was interesting.
When we got home I was in my friend Carrie's wedding, so I had rehearsals and dinners and things to go to. It was a beautiful wedding on Sunday night, so that was fun. But I'm tired. This week is VBS at our church and we are in charge of the Jr. high kids for that. We're planning camping trips, waterslides trips, getting lots of event requests from the kids, etc. Busyness! I just finally cleaned up the house, did some grocery shopping, and balanced our checkbook yesterday. Life can be crazy, and there's no end in sight! The good news is that my friend Cassie and her husband and little daughter are coming to visit us in August. We're excited about that! I'll video blog later about our raw-foodness.

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