Monday, July 28, 2008

Giant spiders, not one but two

We had TWO giant spiders at our house the other night. One right outside our back door and the other right inside our garage door. They were about an inch in BODY length, not counting legs. They were huge and brown. I've never seen that kind before and they were gross and scary! We killed them with very toxic spider spray (I tried not to breathe it in). I did not like it, and neither did Andy. Now I'm freaked out to go in my garage. I can't figure out what kind of spiders they are either, so I don't know if they're poisonous! AHHHHH! I hate spiders!

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Randall said...

I think there was one of those in the shower at Mom and Dad's house when I was there. At least it was really big and brown. I didn't kill it though, I put it outside with a jar. Maybe he then walked to your house. I wouldn't be surprised, he could probably move pretty fast.