Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've had the privilege of growing up with all four of my grandparents living and still married (in pairs). My grandparents have all had quite a large amount of health problems. After our wedding in December of '06 my Grandpa on my mom's side got a brain tumor which was operated on in January of last year. Then he went through radiation and it caused him to go into brain atrophy and he died June 2, 2007. That was really hard because I was really close to him (I grew up about 20 miles away). Anyway, then my Grandma on my mom's side got kidney cancer. She's gone through chemotherapy and is now on radiation. She's doing fine now, but the cancer will come back in a few years and then they won't be able to do anything about it.

On to the real current news. My Grandpa on my dad's side has had only one kidney since age 23 (I think he's 84 or so now). The last few years he had to go on dialysis because his kidney wasn't functioning well at all. His quality of life has been going way downhill and on Friday he decided to go off dialysis, which means he has about a week to live. My dad flew out to Wisconsin today to be with him and my Grandma until the funeral. They're all okay with him dying because he really hasn't been doing well at all. 

If you think about it, pray for my grandparents (Avery and Bertie) and family this week as they're going through this. It's not easy to let someone go, even if it is the best thing. All of my grandparents are believers, both of my Grandpas were pastors.

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Carey Hall said...

I love you Jill and I love your family. you are in my prayers.