Monday, January 28, 2008

On being sick...

So I didn't feel too good on Saturday night and decided to take my temperature. It was 99 and climbing, finally topping off at 101.2. It didn't drop until about 4am on Sunday morning. Needless to say, I slept horribly. Then on Sunday morning, I felt horrible still, although I had no more fever. So poor Andy had to go to church by himself, teach Sunday School, be at the church annual business meeting, and finally, do our Prayer Hour for our Ensenada Trip by himself. My fever came back at 2pm and stayed until about 8 or 9pm. It sucked. Then it started snowing really bad, so Andy cancelled youth group and came home a little early. It was lame when Andy was gone, and better when he was home. I hate being sick. But at least I didn't throw up (I haven't thrown up in 17 years, no joke). I slept really good all night last night and woke up feeling much better. Yay for not being sick anymore.

The only good thing about being sick was that I had a lot of time to pray and watch lots of movies. I got all the way through the BBC's Pride and Prejudice. It was fantastic.

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