Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm super new to blogging

Hi anyone who might be reading this. I've recently been inspired to start blogging by a few of my friends who have blogs. Not that I'll keep up with it, I tend to start doing something with all intentions of continuing forever, and then forgetting about it after a week or so. However, I started exercising last month, and have actually done it more each week since, instead of less! I'm very excited about that.
I've recently been introduced to essential oil therapy and I'm hugely interested in nutrition. I know, it sounds like I'm going all hippie on you. But I'm really convinced that these things are extremely good for the body and can even help heal some of the diseases and things that plague our generation.
It's kind of interesting, blogging out to whoever might stumble upon this blog. I've heard that it's kind of an outlet, the ability to let all of your feelings be known to nobody in particular, and as so, it's a release of pent up emotions. So I figured I'd give it a try. Not that I have that many pent up emotions, though.
So here's to my first post on my new blog. Maybe I'll keep updating, maybe I won't.


Carla said...

Hey Jill! I'm your first commenter. Are you going to post pictures on here too? I read what you wrote and it made me miss you.

Carey Hall said...

Oh Jill blogging is good... I miss you in person, I hope to read more of your adventures soon:)

Andy said...

You might be super new at blogging, but you've been gorgeous for a long time!