Sunday, May 15, 2011

Outside at last...

We moved the chickens outside last week because they had decided that knocking over their water jar would be fun and it got their cardboard box all wet. We can't have chickens living in moldy cardboard, now can we?

So here's them in their new digs. They seem to like it just fine. We had plywood over the top and their heat lamp in it for a while because we didn't have the roof finished yet (just finished it today!!!) I'll post more pictures of the outside of the coop when the weather clears up a bit.
Fuzzy picture of dear Roo Paul (as Andy has started calling him) and his huge comb. He likes to protect the girls.
Fif's beard is growing in! I like it, it gives her character.
The girls (and boy) enjoying the yard. They were out in the rain today and were very smart about staying under the shelter of the arbor vida. I sure do like them.
Guess what??


Randall said...

Oh, real mature Jill.

Debbie Wetzig said...

So, are you keeping the rooster? He is cute. They sure got big!!