Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And... we have two more

We got two more baby chicks to replace Mr. Phydeaux since I really don't want a rooster. He's still with us, but I think I'm going to post him on Craig's List in a few weeks. If we can't get rid of him that way, he's headed for the stew pot. Poor guy.
So here are the two new babies. The one on the left is Josephine. She's an Australorp and she should be a very prolific brown egg layer (6/week in the summer, 4-5/week in the winter). She'll be solid black with a nice red comb and wattles when she grows up. The one on the right is Susette, a Plymouth Barred Rock. She'll be a good egg layer as well (5/week in the summer, 3-4/week in the winter). She will have little black and white stripes all over. I'm excited to see them grow.
They're so cute :)
Here's a picture I just took of Annabelle and the older chickens. They're getting so big! They're all pretty sweet and like their new coop.
Speaking of their new coop... I forgot I said I'd post a picture. Here's the finished product! We love it.


Randall said...

No naked neck?

Jill said...

No, thank goodness. Uuuugly.

Debbie Wetzig said...

I'm jealous! Not really, I just think it is fun that you love chickens!

Amy Walker said...

This is great! We oh so wish we could have chickens but our town doesn't allow them :(. One day mabye!!!! So fun.