Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ropes Course

We took our Mexico team to the ropes course at Kidder Creek today. I haven't been to it for about 2 years, so it was fun to go back. I didn't get to do any elements, but I got to belay the kids so they could do them. It's funny how I learned to belay about 6 years ago and last did it 3 years ago. When I came back to it I remembered exactly how to do it, with out any refreshers or anything. It was very fun, too.

Taking high school kids, or anyone for that matter, to a ropes course shows you what the kids are made of. Some of them surprise you with how brave they are, some of them are just brave and you knew they would be, and some of them that you thought would be brave are not at all! We had one girl who is home schooled, not very social at all, and really shy. I thought she wouldn't even try the elements, but instead she went straight up and did them with barely a hesitation. Another kid got up to the top and proceeded to stand there for 15 minutes, I kid you not, while I waited and tried to get him to go across. He really really didn't want to and I finally got him to come down. It was such a challenge for him and I was surprised. It definitely goes to show that people on the inside are NOT always what comes across on the outside.


emily said...

So true! I thought I'd have no problem at the Ropes course last year but man, oh, man, I had SUCH a hard time. Watching everybody else do it, I was like, that's a piece of cake, but once I got up there it was WAY harder than I thought it would be!

Katie said...

hi Jill! we've been getting ready for a trip and traveling, so I just caught up on your blogs ... good for you maybe becoming a naturopathic doctor! that's a really cool idea. And I'm really sorry about your grandpa, that really sucks, especially when you've had so long to get to know them.