Saturday, May 10, 2008

Naturopathic Medicine

I've been impressed with naturoptathic medicine for a while. I'm interested in natural healing through diet, manual manipulation (massage and things), herbs, etc. I'm NOT a fan of pharmaceuticals at all, I think they just treat the symptoms, mess with your body, and introduce un-natural toxins. America is killing itself by having a very SAD (standard american diet) way of eating - waaaay too much processed, cooked until there's nothing left but fiber in it, foods, and using tons of chemicals for EVERYTHING from cleaning products to synthetic drugs to food coloring. Do you really want those things in or around your body?? Our skin is so porous that anything we come in contact with goes straight in. Look at the ingredients on your shampoo bottle or hand soap or lotion: full of chemicals.

Sorry to lecture here, I just wanted to introduce my wonderful idea. I'm a very passionate person, but before now I hadn't found my big thing to be passionate about. I finally have!! I'm planning on going to more school to become a naturoptathic doctor! I have a few prerequisites to take and then 4 years of school. I love teaching people how to thrive and how to heal naturally. My Grandparents have all had numerous cancers, heart disease, etc, and I don't want more people to have to go through that. I honestly think that cancer and heart disease (and obesity) is HUGE in America because of diet and chemicals. Some of it may be genetic, but most of it is caused by us poisoning ourselves.


Emily said...

Wow, that's really cool! I've been becoming more interested in naturopathic healing, too. I don't like the dr. and I don't like medicine. I know sometimes it's necessary, but I'd rather try other routes, first.

Candice said...

Hey Jill, I'm so excited to hear about your new adventure! I think you will be great at that. I think it's so interesting to keep up with you and how interested you are in eating raw and healthy and what you've written about wanting to do things naturally. I am right there with you. I haven't drastically changed too much, but once we finally get settled somewhere and life becomes somewhat normal again, I'm really excited about trying more raw recipes and just filling our home with healthy natural food and products. I appreciate your posts and you sharing your insights and what you've learned. Love you dear friend, I look forward to seeing you again!--oh yeah, the move went well...I have just not been motivated to blog or anything. Except finally wrote an email update...later!