Saturday, April 16, 2011

My how they've grown!

My little girls are no longer little! They are now 2 and 3 weeks old and growing feathers like crazy. They also eat and poop a lot.
This is Fifi and Gigi. They are growing wing feathers and starting to grow neck/back feathers. Fifi (on the left) likes to perch on top of the food and water jars. And she likes to poop up there. Gigi is very fast and runs around a lot.
This is Mimi. She has full wing feathers now and lots of feathers on her neck and back. She's growing some out of her stomach and her head is all ruffled, so I'm assuming she's starting to grow them there too.
Next to Mimi in the last picture is the little roost Andy and I made for the girls. They like to perch on it. It's preparing them for their roost in the coop that we are building.

Speaking of their coop... we have bought most of the materials and have sanded and cut the lumber. Next up is treating it with non-toxic sealer and stain, and then putting it together! We bought some red stain for the siding, and I think it's going to look pretty great. I can't wait until late summer when we start getting eggs!!

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