Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The beach

We surprised my Dad for his 60th birthday with a trip to Crescent City, CA. He had no idea. We drove down Friday morning and met Cindy, Randall, Quin and Lia (Dan was working in Crescent City that day) in Cave Junction for lunch, then drove to the beach together. My Mom and Dad were supposed to go to Cindy's house that day to open Christmas presents, but when they arrived they found a note on the door written by Quin with a clue that led them to Grants Pass. Then we kept giving them clues that eventually led them to a beach house in Crescent City right by Pebble Beach (my Dad's favorite). Cindy and the kids popped out when they walked in the door with a surprise weekend at the beach. The rest of us were up stairs and popped out when they came up. Randall had been home for Christmas and supposedly drove back down to LA on Thursday. So, needless to say, it was quite the surprise. Dad was very happy and shed a few tears. It was one of the best weekends we have all had together full of lots of laughter and love. Here are some photos of the weekend...

Quin and Lia having a snack after we got there. They had lots of snacks.
Very happy Dad and Cindy (even though they're not smiling in this picture).
The Christmas presents (well, New Years Eve presents) under the tree. But then the guys found a tree a guy wanted to get rid of (it was New Years Eve after all). Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that one. It was pretty.
On the walk to the beach.
My beautiful sister.
Me and my little bro with his eyes closed. :)
Lia showing me her prize rock.
Quin being Quin.
Throwing little rocks at a bigger rock...

Indiana Quin
My beautiful mother.
Little kids are so interesting.
This is the log that we took about 2 hours to roll into the ocean with levers and fulcrums. I got a video of the very end of it, but no pictures. You can imagine it though. Pretty cool.
Searching and searching for those elusive agates.
Some rocks stuck in our log.
At the light house that evening. The waves were pretty amazing.

Birthday time!
We woke up Sunday to a gorgeous day.

Our log in the ocean. Not sure what the boys were doing, but they got very wet in the process.
On our way to walk through the redwoods before saying goodbye.
We all had a fantastic weekend. I love you all, family!!!


Randall said...

It was great! I love you all too.

Debbie Wetzig said...

I'm so glad you all could make it! It was so much fun and dad keeps talking about it and telling others the whole story.