Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been way too long...

I really need to blog more. I guess I'm not too much of a writer... and I've been really busy... and my life's not that interesting... and... I'm running out of excuses.

So to update on our lives, I guess I'm just working a lot. I got a new position at Norpac in June as the Records Center Supervisor. So now I have two employees, and I'm in charge of keeping all of the important records and destroying them when their retention is up. It's going really well and it's nice that it's right up my alley.

The significant pay raise was very helpful in our family's goal of getting out of debt asap. We've paid off about $12,000 so far this year, which sounds like a huge amount, and it definitely is. Dave Ramsey is so motivating, and his program actually works!! We live on a cash only basis (Andy actually forgot his debit card pin# because he hasn't used it in months). That helps us stick to our budget really well. I'm just excited to not owe anything to anyone. Our cars are paid off and everything else is but some student loans.

So here's to Dave Ramsey and his baby steps!!

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