Friday, October 30, 2009

U2 in Vancouver B.C.

Andy had tickets to see U2 in Vancouver B.C. on October 28th since I think April or May. He was going to go with 3 of his guy friends, but at the last minute (seriously the night before they were going to leave) one of the guys realized that he needed to have a passport to get into Canada and didn't have one. The original reason that I wasn't going was that I didn't have vacation time until next year (long story, but the first 3 months of my job were temporary so they weren't counted in my 1 year of work before I got vacation time). However, Norpac decided to be nice to me and at the beginning of October, they gave me 2 1/2 days of vacation. The exact amount I needed to go to U2. Perfect.

So Andy, Tyler, his friend Andrew and I all hopped in the car and headed up to Canada (my first time) on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday was spend standing in line for about 6 1/2 hours (at least it didn't rain)

Then we stood in B.C. Place stadium for 3 1/2 more hours until U2 came on stage.

We got into the inner circle of the stage with the catwalk behind us and only 1 person in between us and the catwalk. It was an amazing show. Here's my pictures, they're seriously worth a thousand words. I saw Bono's sweat running down his face. We were that close. Incredible.


Debbie Wetzig said...

I'm so glad you could go, Jill! And I'm glad for Andy too. It looks like a great time.
your mama

Randall said...

Wow, that looks really close. Has Andy ever been that close before?

Jill said...

No, he hasn't. He loved it.

Karen said...

Jill. That is awesome. !!! Great pictures.